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Simone Biles || 2014 Worlds FX EF


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Aliya Mustafina during the 2014 Artistic Gymnastics Championships
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Sam is doing back fulls on beam again and nothing else matters. (x)

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sam peszekuclancaa

Larisa Iordache: The rise of the 'new Nadia Comaneci'


Yay for a (non-American!) gymnast getting mentioned in the mainstream news!

"How is no one apart from you a gymnast on here? Where are all the gymnasts !"












That was actually the biggest surprise I felt joining the gymternet, I expected it to be full of gymnasts and… its not. Which I still find weird to be honest but whatever. 

If you’re looking for other gymnasts, aporgras, obsessedingymnastics, project-suto, and theafanar are all currently training! I know there’s others I’m forgetting too.

***edit: annatempero, amytinkler123, flippinover, jempin515, and spookyvitina, are gymnasts too!

Please reply to this or message me if you are (or know of) any other gymnasts that are a part of the gymternet! I think I’m going to make a masterpost/follow forever thing of everyone!

***edit: rhythmic, trampoline, acro, etc. all included, also (optional) please include your level!

not a current gymnast, but I was a gymnast for 16 years until I “retired” at the ripe old age of 22

Hiii :D

I’m also retired as well as thepushyqueenofsluttown, and thegymnastslife Some currently training gymnasts on here (without renaming one’s already mentioned and going through all of my followers) are morgihurd jessicaanncoombs, and donnell-whittenburg who does MAG

I’m a gymnast! Currently doing college club.

Now might be a good time to point out djl4117 is actually danell leyva… also letstalkaboutgymnastics hasn’t been on in a while but he is an elite trampolinist for Ireland

Yep I already had both of them :)

Thank you to everyone who’s replied so far! keep them coming, I had no idea the list was so long!

I am a international elite gymnast training atm.

btw if you want to find all the gymnasts that are like 12-16 they are in the instagram gym fandom

anaporgras and amanaryouserious are both former gymnasts as well.

Also in college club :)

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Bai Yawen || Silver medalist on balance beam at the 2014 World Championships

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The U.S. Women’s Team win gold at the 2014 Nanning World Championships

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Aliya Mustafina, October 2014 interview


[I’m like really really sorry for translating only 2/3 of the whole interview, but I’m doing it at university while sitting at the most boring lecture ever, but professor is looking at us… and sorry for lost of mistakes, I actually did it in a hurry. Sorry!]

-Aliya, the last day of the competition (BB and FX finals) brought you 2 individual medals. Before that (+serious cold) championship was considered as completely failed one. You’ve never been in such situation before.
-Well, on beam I, as usual, didn’t expect anything. Just wanted to finish the competition worthily (with honor). I was just lucky. And on floor I had nothing to lose, if I did simplified routine, I wouldn’t medal. But I tried to upgrade difficulty and it payed off. And before that… It sounds weird, but I was ready to the competition. I trained well and worked hard a lot. Combinations were consistent, I added some things. But yeah, things turned out as they did, not in the best way. I took on, but you can’t change what had already happened, can you? My currents results are the lesson for me; reminder - you should go on (go forward).

-May be not a reminder, but a kick? Didn’t you wait for it? Wasn’t it expected? I think you needed it.
-Going to every competition I understand: nobody can avoid mistakes.
-No, I don’t mean that. I’m talking about difficulty, every gymnast needs a reserve. You still can’t do you old routines, but you also haven’t prepared new ones. European championship was a hint: it’s hard to compete for gold.
-Yes, it’s impossible to fight for gold with the program I’m doing now. Bcz of serious changes in the rules (bonuses for skills) my difficulty has become seriously less, I need to change my routine completely.

-Do you believe that not only can you have all your skills back, but also can come further? (=achieve more).
-I do. I’ve been looking forward to start doing it so far. This year has been very difficult and it has showed me that… I have had a rest at the beginning of this year.
-I felt tired after the Olympics. I still did feel it by that time. I started to gain my form back (recover) before Europeans. After it I had a rest, then was in camp for a week, that I had ankle surgery in Germany. It wasn’t serious, they just cleaned my joint. But I couldn’t train for 4 weeks. And I only had 1,5 month left to prepare for Worlds. The main aim was just to have the Europeans programs back, to recover on this level.

-So you are always trying to recover and have something back. And to catch up “the younger version of you”?
-I realized how hard it is. And realized that if I’m looking forward to RIO, I mustn’t allow myself to have a rest. Having rest is not allowed and it’s better not to have any injuries.
-Is there any chance you won’t think about Rio?
-There is no chance.

-Lots of various specialists are working with you, Raisa Ganina, but she …
-She is a choreographer (dancer), can’t manage everything, yes. I know what are you talking about - about a personal coach. I have already started thinking about it. I can’t say more for now. But I am thinking. Bcz it’s really hard. You have nobody to both “push” and “protect” you. Moreover, I always have to make decisions by myself, but it’s not always right (=it shouldn’t be like that).
-Is there any person in your surrounding whom”suits you well”? Or you should look for it?
-I shouldn’t look for this person at all. If everything goes well, he will appear by himself.
-Such a schemer you are, Aliya! Sound mysterious.
-Nobody, except for me, knows what I’m talking about.

-This must be a courageous person. All coaches are joking there is no work until you drink somebody’s blood.
-I just try to achieve what I want by all means. I may not react to a person who is angry with me. But, especially in the last time, if I need to do something I will practice it ten times, I can’t practice bars ten hours and still push myself to do more! Even if I’m told I don’t need it, I still will. I can argue, but I will try until I do it successfully.
-Therefore you may be accused of emotional vampirism?
-Apparently, that’s how it’s called.

-You’ve changed. Not the best championship, but you smile a lot. You’ve become much less defensive outside of the competition hall.
-I know and I can feel it. I’m 20 years old, have been doing gymnastics for many years - I think it’s time for changes. I didn’t start to act right, I started to act naturally. Met new people. I feel like I’ve opened from the different side. And I do like it. Not so long time ago I realized: I need to sacrifice everything for this sport, but I shouldn’t take it as a job…
-…back-breaking? (=very-very hard)
-yes, I shouldn’t take it as a violence. It’s a hobby you want to do. When small kids go to the gym in Russia, they are pushed from the very beginning, they are crying, someone can hold himself, someone - don’t. But in the USA they smile, they enjoy it. Children’s shouldn’t cry. It’s where the journey starts from.
-You just snapped your fingers and said: “Hey, it’s hobby now! I’ll take it easy”? It’s impossible!
- There is a suitable time for everything. Nobody talked to me about it. It has just happened. I come to the gym, nail every skill and I’m happy. The next day I come and can do nothing, and I try to convince myself: it’s ok, there gonna be tomorrow, the new day. Or, as I have already told you, I want to be in the gym until I do everything right, until I complete my plan. I’ll be tired, exhausted, have many corns, but I do like it! I started to do what I like. Or… I started to like what I do.


Huang Huidan (CHN)
2014 Gymnastics World Championships
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Aliya Mustafina reacts to her bronze-medal-winning score

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