Zhanerke Duisek - Kazakistan

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I think Marie Case of Kent State just did rudi to back LO full…



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oh jesus

Stream for Session 1 of NCAA Prelims

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victoria moors

NCAA Nationals


Nationals starts later today! The first semifinal (featuring Oklahoma, LSU, Michigan, Georgia, Stanford and Illinois) starts at 2pm ET, and the second semifinal is later on at 8pm ET (with Florida, Alabama, UCLA, Utah, Nebraska and Penn State). Super Six takes place tomorrow, with event finals on Sunday. You can find more info on how and where to watch here!

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30 Day Gymternet Challenge

Day 5 Favourite Floor Routine →

Jiang Yuyuan 2008 Olympics Event Final

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Roxana Popa - Training the Amanar [x]

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Komova injured



So basically, it’s true: Vika is injured again. Nastya received a question about the nominative list, and says, paraphrased, that Komova injured her ankle in training after Nationals. She will be needing surgery and will go to Germany at the end of april, right after Nastya gets her surgery. She also adds that she would not have answered the question if Vika wasn’t ok with people knowing.


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the russian team for rio is going to be aliya with two hip replacements in a wheelchair, a jar containing vika’s ashes after she trips one time too many on the mats, and a picture of afan from 2008


dear gym gods, please let LSU win super six because of reasons

Anastasia Grishina update 15.04.2014

She wrote it in her fan-group this morning : )
German doctor said that everything is much better than she was told in Penza. But he said that she still has problems with kneecap (patella?) and ligaments in her knee. Therefore she needs a surgery and they will do it NEXT Wednesday (because there is an Easter this week in Germany).
What's more, German doctor said that she can't jump and do any acrobatics only for 3 month while Russian doctor in Penza said much more. This is a good thing)
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