even though you struggle with breathing, you love struggling with breathing. you love feeling tired, you love your legs cramping, i think i’ve learned to love that. i guess you have to love the struggle. -Victoria Moors

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Here’s some requests that I did for my lovely friend Loretta!

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D-scores for YOG

Wang Yan (CHN)


Romanian national team in Sweden

Little news clip of the Romanian girls and their time in Sweden.

1. Didi speaks more English. Melting… She also got braces
2. Didi and Lari have a moment where Lari’s late for the lineup and then they burst out laughing
3. Didi, ever the diplomat, says she wants to be healthy for worlds, be there for her girls, and make Romania proud.

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Ragan Smith is the perfect mix of talented, adorable, and sassy.


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 30 Day Gymternet Challenge: Day 5

 Favourite Floor Routine → Ksenia Semenova 09/10    

There are a ton of routines that I think have nice choreo, but the choreo in this routine speaks to me. The choreo was beautiful, fierce, fluid, and it fit the music PERFECTLY. Watch the entire routine here

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Elena Likhodolskaya on floor. Check out the Afan-esque leg choreo

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