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"I don’t have to ‘prove’ anything to anyone. I do it for myself." -McKayla Maroney

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Dasha’s bronze EF UB routine at Russian Cup 2014 (14.933) [x]


there will come a day when i like a gymnast on bars more than aliya

today is not that day

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if you get off on women’s STOLEN private photos then shame them for taking them in the first place, you’re a part of the problem.

if you hold women to arbitrary standards and then criticize them for “not showing more skin” or “being too prudish”, then call them derogatory names when their nudes are illegally shared, you’re part of the problem.

if you think it’s okay to post, reblog, or share women’s leaked nudes that they gave you NO PERMISSION to redistribute, you’re part of the problem.

if you support men whose nudes are leaked while demonizing and ripping women apart when the same thing happens to them, you’re part of the problem.

if you side with the people who leaked the photos and say “it’s her fault for taking those photos, she should know better”, you’re part of the problem.

if you either actively or passively support this kind of treatment of womens’ bodies and agency, you’re part of the problem.

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i just want a team with both locklear and kocian is that too much to ask

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2014 Russian Cup || Viktoria Komova posts 14.700 on Uneven Bars [x]


how Nabs choose do the final seconds of her FX yesterday (x)
Thanks to dolly-z for pointing it out

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Forever love Emily’s spins and choreography

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Oh… well I can honestly say I never expected this from Catherine… (x)

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YEScatherine lyons
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maria paseka
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Pan-Ams Livestream - WAG: Horizontal Bars


USA warming up on bars now!

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