2014 NCAA Individual Event Champions 
Vault: Katherine Grable (Arkansas) and Rheagan Courville (LSU) 9.975
Bars: Bridget Sloan (Florida) 9.9375
Beam: Taylor Spears (Oklahoma) 9.925
Floor: Katherine Grable (Arkansas) 9.9625

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aw love this
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Don’t watch old Super Sixes because you will cry


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30 Day Gymternet Challenge

Day 7 Favourite Beam Routine →

Lilia Podkopayeva 1995 Worlds Event Final

Deng Linlin 2012 Olympics Event Final

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Junior  Bars - Pac Rims

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They’re losing Sarie Morrison, Kayleigh Dickson, Casey Duvall, Lainie Flemming, McKenzie Fox, Maliah Mathis. So really Morrison, Dickson and Mathis. They are gaining Erin Macadeg, Myia Hambrick, and Kylie Moran (walk on) Then Gabby Jump has committed to LSU but her injury…

Oh thanks! Loved Macadaeg as a junior so that will be interesting

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food for thought:

if aly stayed committed to florida she would’ve been standing up there as co-national champions

Nah, they would have had a tiebreaker if she were there.

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oh my god

Ok my next question is who is LSU losing for seniors/gaining for freshman cause I’m already ready for next season

Stream for Super Six


If it’s geolocked, try the Hola! extension for Google Chrome.

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Anna Pavlova’s return (x)


for some reason i just find bama to be excruciatingly boring.  they are basically the ncaa equivalent of kyla ross.

i’m team anyone else in the super 6.

I’m missing super six tonight for church dammit Jesus couldn’t you have picked another night to be resurrected

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im a bad catholic